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I am BLU.

by Axell Joseph Mallillin

The journey was long, hard, and a well-learned one. I find it long because coming up with an idea takes a while. From thinking of the idea and having one takes all away the brain’s energy and empties the stomach. Once I have thought of an idea for me to write, the climax of the journey now starts. Thinking about the words that I will put in my paper is hard. It is hard because am not a very organized person when I write stuff especially formal writing. Even though it is not my forté to write compositions in a formal way, to be frank, I am good in literary writing because it is where I can fully express my mind’s thoughts. The writing process of all my written, encoded, and printed compositions was, to be honest, quite difficult but with all the mental block times and the lack of words to put in my paper, I am able to be resilient enough from the downfall of language that needs to be in the paper. The most important thing from this writing journey is that I learned a lot of things.  The corrections that came from my fun and never-gone-out-of-happiness classmates and to my very knowledgeable and trendy teacher (YOU) were acceptable. I am able to learn from them all the things that my narrow mind had and has expanded and broadened after the long journey. This writing experience was a journey that made my vocabulary in English a lot better (I think) and I learned a lot from my mistakes. The last thing that I my mind can say is that, I have progressed a lot. I still have a long way and there are more journeys that I will experience soon in my life.


My evaluation from my own performance is an eight, because even though I would want to give myself a nine, a-near-to-perfection-grade, I know that my tenses and use of words in all of my compositions is not good, and judging all of my essays and compositions I have progressed well enough. I am well-satisfied from all of my outputs in CORWRIT class, because I am happy in all of the works that I have done. From all of the feedbacks and comments that I received from my classmates and my teacher (YOU) I am happy and I accept all of their comments. I am very happy because I am able to know what I lack and the things that I need to improve in order to have a good composition. I am very grateful for them telling me to add more and to organize my thoughts in the paper and other comments, because it challenged me to do it and not ignore their comments and be a proud jerk.  I am able to learn from the value of humility to my work and also the value of acceptance.


If I could it again and do something better I would do the narrative essay. I feel as I lacked something in the narrative essay. I would have added more details and could have related my life more to the turtle. I would have added the unfortunate story of my childhood and how I regretted to miss all of my time with my dad and the things I did to make me a better person, as of now.  I would have done better in my narrative essay. In my descriptive and critical book review, I would have fixed my construction of sentences, the parallelism and would choose the right and appropriate words to describe what I feel about the topic. The other compositions I have done, I would have fixed the organization of everything. I have so many things to redo if I was given a chance but I am satisfied with all the effort I gave and I am happy with all the compositions I did.


My classmates’ written presentations were confusing a little bit, because I find it difficult to understand their thought. Some had a hard to time to put some punctuation marks, some had confusing introductions and the not-so-good part is their body’s construction of thoughts. I got a little confused from reading. I wanted to cry. Most of my classmates had a hard time too in writing but there are those who have a very remarkable one. Like I mean, their composition was satisfying and appealing to the eyes. I enjoyed in reading all of my classmate’s composition. I was able to identify who are those that lack knowledge in writing, those that need improvement, and those who need to be in a writing organization. I have my favorite written presentations. I liked reading the essay of Wendee Cabrera’s narrative essay (I forgot the title), her knowledge in writing is good, it was enjoyable to read.  I liked Daniel Ferrer’s Essay too, because reading his work was like listening to his story. He used clear descriptions about the flood and the situation, and I liked his conclusion. I like also Jayvee Vidallon’s “The Boy Who Cried Life”, even though he used vulgar language, but the expression of his paper was quite convincing and relatable. The one that I really enjoyed reading was Khloie Alejar’s “Sweet Escape”. Her language and tone was nice, the whole setting of her composition was established well and I liked how she used her words and thoughts very wisely. Her composition was concise and clean. These three are the ones that I would say ‘favorite’ from the written presentation.  I enjoyed a lot from reading these three specific compositions.  


            I am a person and little by little I have will learn the different aspects of my life, and this learning from my college life will soon be used in my future life. The last thing that I will say if ever I was there while you are reading this is, “Were you contented”.  I am happy kid and I have put everything in this Reflection Paper.

           Adoption is a Good Choiceimage

            Centuries have passed and adoption is still a recurring conflict of today. Many children are abandoned in orphanage homes. These children need a place where they can live and experience the basic necessities of life and the love they long to feel from their parent’s lacking. These children are lonely. According to UNICEF and ChildInfo, they estimated that around the world there are 170.9 million orphans who are either living in orphanage homes or in streets where they could die and suffer from hunger and diseases. These children suffer everyday and some die. Most children suffer the consequences due to poverty and from their parents’ lack of knowledge in parenthood.  Having an adoption is a good choice. It is the best way for parents who encountered unplanned pregnancy to make their child’s life a better one, and for lesbian, gays, bisexuals, transgender (LGBT) people, sterile couples and individuals to have children. The LGBT, sterile couples and individuals who want to have children; adoption is the only and best choice in order for them to become parents.


         Adoption is the transfer of legit parental rights to guardians or an individual who will improve the life of the abandoned child. According to Republic Act No. 885 or Domestic Act of 1998 Article I Section 2 , it states that “(a) It is hereby declared the policy of the State to ensure that every child remains under the custody of his/her parent(s) and be provided with love, care, understanding and security towards the full and harmonious development of his/her personality. Only when such efforts prove insufficient and no appropriate placement or adoption within the child’s extended family is available shall adoption by an unrelated person is considered”. The law states the need for every abandoned or unprotected child to have a home and foster parents who will give them the basic necessities, love and understanding.


       Abandoned and orphaned children need a home to live in and parents who will provide them what they need. Many people today adopt, even celebrities. Celebrities adopt because they feel the need to, of helping the children. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are famous for adopting kids. Recently, Angelina said that they will adopt a Syrian girl, after visiting the place of the refugees. She saw how the people and as well as the children were devastated because of the situation and it will be their part to help Jordan (London Evening Standard, 2013). The Pitt couples adopted Maddox (Cambodia), Zahara (Ethiopia), Pax (Vietnam) and a girl from Syria. According to Kendall, D. (2010) adopting a child will keep all the records of the biological parents and the adoptive parents will serve as their legal parent. She explains the credibility and responsibility of the adoptive parents after adoption is fully conducted. The adoptive parents are the ones, who will take place as the legal, by law, parents or guardians of the baby, child, or children (p 235 – 236).


       There are many reasons why taking and having an adoption is a good choice. The first reason is, couples who experience unplanned pregnancy, mostly teenagers, can send their child to adoption with their full decision rather than abortion. Giving away their child is to give their own child a more prosperous life. It is a fact that abortion is killing a human being, for a reason that the parent cannot give the basic requirements that their child needs. Adoption is the key for couples who have unplanned pregnancies to give a life for their child. Rather than aborting the child, biological parents must think that “Innocent little lives should not be sacrificed because of the word ‘wanted’! Give childless couples the chance to love your little baby, if you can’t. Adoption not abortion!” (Pantagraph, 1992). It argues the potential strength of parents especially mothers who have the choice to kill or give a life to their own baby and uses adoption as the best choice for confused mothers or couples. According to The Ledger (2012), they stated, “If you don’t want your baby, adoption is a choice also. When a swan egg is more protected than a human egg, we all need to do better”. They explain about abortion and how many citizens have participated to this kind of activity.


        Women On Web (n.d.), killing the “unwanted” child from the mother’s womb is a crime to humanity. It is a crime against women’s rights, human rights, child’s rights and also to God, for Christian faith, in many countries. Those who are involved to the killing of a life can be sentenced to jail. Countries include Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Venezuela, Angola, Benin, Central African Rep, Chad, Congo, Côte d’Ivoire, Dem, Rep. of Congo, Gabon, Guinea- Bissau, Kenya, Lesotho, Madagascar, Mali, Mauretania, Mauritius, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Somalia, Tanzania, Togo, Uganda. Afghanistan, Egypt, Iran, Lebanon, Libya, Oman, Sudan, Syria, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Ireland, and Malta that abortion is illegal in order to save a women’s life and the life she bears.  Adoption is a better choice for couples who cannot give the sufficient ‘love’ they can give to their child.  In this way, no life would be harmed and no person will be sent to jail.  According to St. Charles Borromeo Society, they stated “abortion is completely against God’s natural law and it spawns terrible world-wide consequences”. Adoption contradicts the inhumane method of escaping from reality and responsibility, which is abortion.


        The second reason, children need a family where love and nurturing is present. Adopting a child is not buying an equipment to be used in our homes; they are not robots or maids. Adoption is the compassionate gift of family to a child who needs a permanent and loving relationship (Ontario Association of Children’s Aid Society, 2010). They said that they promote adoption in their place in order to give a child a home to live in and family who will secure and give them the comfort they need. They assure the stability and security of the child’s home before they are adopted by the individual or couple. Adopting a child is an important obligation for adoptive parents even though economic crisis is present. Adoption is a way for abandoned children and/or babies to experience a life they needed in a family that they are wanted and will be loved.


        Thirdly, individuals who want to be parents but don’t want partners in life have a chance to show there parenting and love by adoption. It gives a chance, especially for women, to be a mother and a loving parent. According to Hochwald’s Single Mothers by Choice, one individual woman adopted three children for the reason of having a child, a family and wanting to be a parent. The woman showed her responsiveness to the needs of the children and showed how much she loved them even though she stands by her own to raise them.  


          The fourth reason, adoption builds a foundation of family for the LGBT (lesbian, gays, bisexuals, transgender) society. A gay author was once invited in a show to feature his new book entitle, “The Kid”. In the duration of the show the man explains the book and as well as himself. He stated, “He’s 20 months old and he’s still alive. That’s really what parenthood is all about. It’s keeping the kid alive” (Toronto: CTV Television, Inc., 1999). Gays are human beings also; some of them want to have a family of their own and a child to take care of and be proud of. Adoption gives them the chance to have a child and to show their harmonious relationship to one another especially to the child. Adoption makes a way for lesbians, gays, and transgender people to have a family.


          The fifth reason for adoption is to give couples a child to take care of. According to Pang, Y. F. (2003), she addresses her story how she went half way around the world with his husband to adopt the perfect child for them. In her narration, she went through different trials and agencies just to finish all the adoption papers and finally she has a child. She stated “…my husband and I will forever be grateful to Amelia’s biological mother for giving birth to her.” They were both happy and she concluded with a saying that holds true for them, “Love has no borders”. Pang’s story showed how important a child is and how much love they will give to Amelia. Adoptive parents are the ones that will guide their adoptees. They will build their character and will the ones to lead them in being a good citizen. Parenting is a hard job particularly to adopted children, who are not our progeny, but a child is a child and they need a life. Like these type of couples, adoption is their choice to have a child to be part of the family society.


             The sixth, adoption for sterile couples gives them a chance to be parents. According to Thompson (2011), Hugh Jackman and her wife Deborra-Lee Furness adopted Oscar and Ava. They adopted after knowing that they were not able to bear children naturally. The couples were frustrated at first but then all the anxiety went away after they adopted. The couples believe that all things happen for a reason and their sterility has a reason, for them to adopt two lovely children. The couples love for their adopted children and they consider their child as theirs and not adopted. Sterile couples who want to have a happy family will do anything; adoption is a good choice for them.


             The seventh reason is to socially help the one of the world’s big problem, overpopulation. According to India Parenting (n.d.), there are “ten ‘beautiful’ reasons for adopting a child aside from infertility, one of the reasons why couples or individuals adopt is to control the population. It stated, “Some people genuinely believe that the world does not need any more children. They feel for the children who do not have families and home.” They help the world’s big problem, and they feel the need to help the suffering children.


             The last reason why adoption is a good choice, it is because people are afraid of risking their health. Some couples are afraid to have sexual intercourse because they might get STD’s and some couples have thalassemia or genetically inherited diseases. An individual who has thalassemia has a high-risk of inheriting the disease he/she has to their child which is incurable. Couples who are afraid to have STD’s and the inheritance of thalassemia to their child choose adoption rather than risking their own health and the life of the child (India Parenting, n.d.). According to Brandt (2009), she explains why most people adopt because of HIV/AIDS. Couples or individuals have a fear of getting diseases and it frightens them. In the minds of these peoples, it doesn’t just secure their health but also fills their satisfaction of adoption because it is a safer way for them  to have child. People who are conscious about health have a chance to have a family by adoption (p 24-26).


            Adoption may be a conundrum for individuals and couples but it is a good choice and path to take especially for people having rare cases.  Having an adoption contrasts abortion, and gives a home for abandoned babies or children. For single parents, fertile and infertile couples, and LGBT people, adoption builds a family for these ‘challenged’ people. Adoption is a secure and safe way to have a family and a child and as well as having to keep away from STD’s and the inheritance to children of thalassemia. It may be a rocky road and a long journey of having to raise a child but adoption means to be a loving parent to a child even if it is not from our progeny. There are some children who are born out biologically, but some just grow from the heart.



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Summer Escape

Heavy rains and scorching heat of the sun here in Manila makes me miss my hometown. It makes me wonder if I can go back again and take even a short glimpse of a paradise I have been to before departing from Sorsogon. A sanctuary, I consider it, that I find my whole earthy body at peace. I feel the soft wind gusting into my skin as I and my friends arrive to a place that my eyes have never seen before. It was a beach, a place where I find the calm sensation of tranquility and a place where every moment is not agile as the city.

Sand, Coconut Trees, people, the sea and the breeze are all the things present in a common beach. It is as normal as far the eyes can see. A hot summer afternoon sun gaze upon us travellers after our journey. Gritty gravels of sand sink in between my toes as I took off my footwear. It has taken a while before I can clearly see the distant view in front of me. Then, there it is the beach, the paradise that satisfied my eyes. The breeze was cool unlike the beach I have been to; the happy and proud sun was our friend as patches of clouds started playing with him making the temperature unruffled. My eyes were in awe as I started to view the sea panoramically; its hue is in shift as you go far from teal to blue. The waters are still and calm, no rushing waves are to be seen. Somehow I feel, not hear, the sea calling me. I am captivated; I fell in love with this great body of water. I shoveled off my eyes before it can burst to tears. My friends and I talked and eat. We conversed with each other as if time was not moving. After a few minutes of amazement and chat, we did not hesitate of what was our next task, to swim. I and my friends run feverishly like we are in a race. Our feet sweep off particles of sand before arriving to the finish line, which is the sea. It is better than I have seen it a few minutes ago. The water was refreshing, and I can see visibly my feet on the sea floor. I stand there as I was trying to see the clear waters below my waist; I feel happy. I naughtily destroyed my friends’ moments as they were in a trance like me. I pushed them for them to be bodily we, and so the game began. I was the last one to be submerged in the calm waters. We are all wet now and we have nothing to do but to enjoy the time as we can, especially for me.  We met a friend while we were there, a jellyfish. The creature was not alone, they in packs of family. Out of curiosity, I and my friends touched it. It was soft; it was transparent like a jelly on a platter. We played with it. More and more came until we stopped and took off the waters for them to enjoy the sea also.


The day ended with big smiles and filled up the memory storage greatly into our heads. It was an experience I will never forget and the face of serenity will retain in my mind and heart.  I was a contented being. Having to experience and go to a beach that I have never been to was a great summer escape from my house. We bade each one a goodbye and parted our ways. It was a place that I would want to come to with my friends, even though it is not as great as the Californian beaches or the beautiful Boracay, still I am willing to go back. I learned that trying new things or going to new places can give you no harm unless it is an intention. I was a happy teenager, and it was my last day from Sorsogon before going to Manila. It was a place where I experienced to go to a place where my parents did not know; it was my summer escape.


A Better Turtleimage

    Everyone, like me, came from different backgrounds, path, and origin, experiencing joy, love, learning, disappointments, despair and success and encountering obstacles in their life’s marathon. Everyone has a life, is living diversely as a creature of God trying to explore this earthly realm; finding our hearts and home in our own way through the daily rocks that are being thrown at us. Life in the deep, blue, world is where m existence began and I came to know that I am a turtle; this is my life, my story.

   I opened for my eyes for the very first time and light was the first thing I saw after I broke my shell from the care of my mother.  Light slowly turned to blurry images then to vivid faces. I reckoned that they are important to my life in this world of the marine. Seconds, figuratively was my years of growing, was my only time to rush my tiny flippers and soft-shell into the marine. Before diving myself into the world, I enjoyed the rush, my childhood’s happiness, until the predator.  When I was six years old, I experienced the most painful event I experienced and it was the start of the end of my rush of happiness. I played in front of our yard, like what a normal kid does usually, all alone with my toys. My mother, who carelessly fall asleep who was supposed to be watching me, failed to guard me from the wild, the road. I lured myself into it, not knowing what or who would I encounter. My eyes were covered by darkness and I could not feel my body. Another has passed and a tragedy occurred, I found myself laid down in the hospital. Bandages were all over my head and I had no clue what happened to me and I can’t remember anymore what my childhood was like. Weeks have conquered, the strapping around my head was removed. I felt different after they took it off, I felt that my life was completely different and I felt as if fate as taken over my course of adventure; fate was my captain. The memory of this painful event remained and what was left of it for me to remember it was the scar I bore in between my eyebrows. Aside from the scar nightmares would usually happen haunting my dreams and replacing them with how the accident occurred.  No one told me how the accident happened, but all I knew I that it was the beginning of unfortunate series and it was the reason my mother left us, because of her carelessness to me.  I lived with my relatives from that moment on and I never knew and felt the maternal love I should have. Day by day, I sought for that love, and even though I dove into the marine to start a life. I encountered a lot of grievous moments and missed a lot of chances because I was consumed from a tragedy of my childhood; my shell continuously hardened every after I  came across pain, gloom and despair but I never knew what it was for, until I was given more problems and pain from the heavens.


  I realized that pain from the past must not lead me to where I want to go but I must be the captain of my life’s cruise in this world. I became a new man after such enlightenment. I slowly knew what those challenges were for. I began to appreciate my life and broaden up the horizon of my mind and expanded high. From all the events that happened, which fate ensued to play with, was the one who made my shell stronger; I  gradually knew where my direction was going and progressively I  became the cruise master of my own life. The accident that happened ten years was a gift to me and the scar was my perfect flaw. It reminded to calm down and cherish the little things around me while I am living and not to rush the things that I can learn from. The tragedy was part of my history which made me a better creature, of God, to myself and to others. From that experience I know that I can surpass all challenges and continuously develop my life; from everything that has happened, I swear I am a better turtle, who continuously swims in this deep blue domain of God.



by John Lenahan

Shadowmagic, by John Lenahan, is the first trilogy novel of its series and  the author’s first book, is a story of a boy who unexpectedly was abducted in an unknown land who tries to kill him but in the end he saves the unknown land and himself from the one’s trying to kill them/him and destroy the land. Conor and his father, handicapped (no right hand), were abducted then imprisoned; they were soon rescued by his mom, Deirdre. His uncle fought with them but he was disarmed and so Conor took the disarmed sword gave to his Dad and freed them. They were safe outside the castle of Duir but not for long; his mom told them to go to the Fililands were they should be safe.  His adventure started after he and his parents were supposed to go to the Fililands for protection against other beings who wanted to kill them especially Conor, but Conor was separated after his escape using hi transportation amulet, Rothlu, from an attack from her Aunt Nieve; he found himself with Fergal after waking up trying to steal his Nike shoes. Fergal and Conor soon became friends with Fergal’s companion Araf, and later Essa at Muhn. Gerard, the Runelord of Muhn, talked to Conor about his sword. Conor told everything-his dad, mom, uncle, aunt, Fergal, and those who tried to kill him until they went to Muhn to party. Gerard helped Conor in finding his parents; he was trained, fed and equipped after three days. Conor, Fergal, Araf, and Essa went to the Fililands. When going there, they met an army to fight with Cialtie in Duir and were vowed to keep the army as a secret, run and fought with banshees until they succeeded, they found the Fililands and Conor’s parents. The adventure doesn’t stop there, Conor and his accompanies found out about the Fergal’s parents, Cialtie, and Mna, a banshee. They were shocked after knowing the truth during and after the Runecasting; Fergal was distressed upon knowing his lineage but Conor’s family was grateful to accept and have him as his cousin and nephew. They were called to help for the war by the army which Conor and his friends recently met. They responded and after a day gone for battle with a plan they all hope would work. Their plan was to foil Cialtie’s work of destroying the other land of Tir-Na-Nog, find the amber protected right hand of Oisin by Shadowmagic (which is why she was banned—because it was illegal—from Duir and went to the Fililands, whom they thought did not exist; she used this in order to protect his son and husband from danger and used it in other cases) and make a Rune Choosing to take over Duir against Cialtie. In the end, Cialtie did not succeed in destroying the land and of killing Conor, but he loses and lost his right-hand; Fergal died. They were happy in the end even though they lost a nephew/cousin and a dear friend. Conor’s dad decided to remain in Tir-Na-Nog to rule over Castle Duir, but Conor did not, because he wants to know who he is in the Real World, which he calls home.


The author narrates a story of a boy (Conor an 18-year old teenager) living in a town of Pennsylvania with his Dad (Oisin), a teacher and a right-handicapped man, was abducted from their home to Tir-Na-Nog or The Land. Conor struggled in “the code” of Tir-Na-Nog, which was to kill the son of the one-handed prince. Conor faced different challenges as the story progressed and soon resolved his problems and saved Tir-Na-Nog. The author uses narration in order to chronologically tell the events of the story and the things that happened with the characters; and how the character’s solved the problem of the story. John Lenahan, the Irish author, wanted to tell something little about Irish mythology to the readers.


The author’s purpose is to entertain the readers. He wants to let readers, such as I, to enjoy the book and the story. John Lenahan is able to set his purpose of amusing us readers by (1) using his main character as an average contemporary teenager, (2) showing the technical issue/s of the main character (3) having the character’s (main and supporting) sense of sarcasm all throughout the story even in the most unlikely events (4) expressing the main character’s feelings and emotion and (5) the use of light and easy to understand vocabulary and no double meanings within the flow of the story or in dialogues, monologues or soliloquys . The story of the book is humorously wonderful to read. The author gives vivid descriptions of each character and its feelings and the setting, and has a good variation or transition of events. Entertainment is established by the author by all of these reasons.


The book was substantial and conclusive. The book moved me all the way to reading it up the last chapter and page. I was drawn by its unique style of writing and the flow of the story. The novel was pleasant and enjoying to read. It made me feel like that I was the main character and that I was in the setting. John Lenahan put humor in his book which made sense and meaning; the book itself has life from every page. The book was deliberate in the use words and language.


The conclusion of the book was organize and concise. The author’s consistency of the book’s thesis was consciously repeated all through the progression of the story until the final end. The conclusion was logically thought and chronologically related from the supporting events before the end of the story. The author was able to put a different ending from the thought of the reader’s mind very smart. The book’s conclusion had a sudden inclination of thesis from the main character to the main character’s relative. The author’s conclusion was well understood, clear, and vivid.


I enjoyed reading the book because of the new style of writing I read which I found interesting. The book is very humorous and contains no explicit contents. Shadowmagic is an exciting and adventurous novel that leads my day of reading with a smile in my face and a joy in my heart. I enjoyed a lot from reading this book and definitely I would the next series of the book, Shadowmagic: The Prince of the Hazel and Oak. I would recommend this book to all readers particularly teenagers or young readers. They will find this book interesting and fascinating, because of the story and also the character. Adults can find this book good source for relaxation and entertainment, because of the mature yet funny tone of the book. I would suggest this book also to Harry Potter Fans and other contemporary readers finding a book filled with adventure, magic, subtle love and humor.


This book is like the Harry Potter Series where the main character fights and someone is lost after the battle, and the time setting is contemporary; Shadowmagic has mystery and magic like the HP Series. But unlike the Harry Potter series this book has focuses more on the main character rather than sudden events happening in another setting by another character and the two books differ from the beginning of their whole story. It is also like the Percy Jackson Books where Shadowmagic’s author had taken inspiration about the mythical creatures, names and places of Irish Mythology in Tir-Na-Nog. But Shadowmagic has humor unlike the serious tonality of the PJ Books. And lastly it is like the Lord of the Rings, where the important events happened in unknown lands that cease to exist in our modern world. The three books in comparison to Shadowmagic has mythical and magical characters that the book also has, but in contrast Shadowmagic has limited creatures unlike the other books with the same subject


Shadowmagic has its own strengths and weaknesses. The book has strong foundation of the character and the humor is consistent which readers would definitely enjoy, however the book has lesser information being given and Irish mythology is not strongly supported. The author should add something of Irish Mythology in order to support the strong foundation of the book. It should have supported some details about Tir-Na-Nog, the setting of the story, such as old Irish tales and other Irish related literature that can be connected to the book’s setting (The Land). This book is relevant to our contemporary culture in order for us, especially to readers; gain something new—style, literature, and knowledge—and retain or be aware of other’s superstitions and / or culture.





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